Monday, January 13, 2014

Best of Minecraft! Week 1

I told you guys yesterday that I would be doing a list of my favorite texture packs, adventure maps, seeds, build, etc. So this week, my favorites are listed below:

Resource Pack: Ovo's Rustic Pack: Redemption
I found this texture pack from a live stream, I liked the way it looked and it's medieval feel. This texture pack is great for building and just plain minecraft survival! I rate it 6.5/10 ghast tears!
You can find it here:

Adventure Map: Herobrine's Mansion
An oldy but goody, this map was released back in 1.3.2. As this was the update that integrated command blocks, this map does a good job and I would dare to say makes a point to use A TON of  command blocks. This map gives the pvp loving player a long, enjoyable experience with 7 boss fights and a large amount of normal enemies. I rate it 7/10 ghast tears!
You can find it here:

Seed: pyramid
This seed showcases several of the new biomes and several of the old ones right next to the spawn  including: Plains, desert, mesa, mesa plateau, birch forest, taiga, jungle, forest, and swamp! It also spawns you right next to a village which has a forge with the following items in the chest: Iron leggings, iron boots, 3 apples, iron pickaxe, 3 bread, 3 iron, and 3 gold!

As soon as MCP is updated I will be adding mod of the week, but for now this is what you get!
Thanks for stopping by guys, this Duncan, signing off. Peace.

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