Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Minecraft Snapshot 14w02c

As you probably know, Mojang puts out a snapshot every week to show the fan base what they are currently working on and to make updates seem closer together then they actually are. This week there was a HUGE change to both survival and adventure mode, here are just a few things that were changed in this snapshot:

There were three new types of stone added. They are granite, andesite, and diorite. They are found like an ore, although they are much less rare then them. After about 20 minutes on the snapshot I found about 2 stacks of granite and andesite, and by the end of the hour I had found the same amount of diorite. You can also craft andesite and granite, there is no crafting recipe for diorite at this time, but I anticipate that there will be a crafting recipe added. To make andesite you will need one diorite and one cobblestone, for granite you need one nether quartz and one diorite.

One of the smaller changes, although it is very exciting, is that there is now recipes for both the mossy stone and chiseled stone bricks. To make mossy stone bricks you simply need a stone brick next to some moss, and the chiseled bricks are just two stone slabs on top of each other! Super simple and these integration's will be great for pure survivalists who want to add to their builds!

There is so much to cover in each snapshot that I'm going to be doing separate parts of each. This is Duncan, signing out. Peace.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Best of Minecraft! Week 1

I told you guys yesterday that I would be doing a list of my favorite texture packs, adventure maps, seeds, build, etc. So this week, my favorites are listed below:

Resource Pack: Ovo's Rustic Pack: Redemption
I found this texture pack from a live stream, I liked the way it looked and it's medieval feel. This texture pack is great for building and just plain minecraft survival! I rate it 6.5/10 ghast tears!
You can find it here: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/901498-x6417x-ovos-rustic-pack-redemption-v112-updated-20131112/

Adventure Map: Herobrine's Mansion
An oldy but goody, this map was released back in 1.3.2. As this was the update that integrated command blocks, this map does a good job and I would dare to say makes a point to use A TON of  command blocks. This map gives the pvp loving player a long, enjoyable experience with 7 boss fights and a large amount of normal enemies. I rate it 7/10 ghast tears!
You can find it here: http://hypixel.net/threads/herobrines-mansion-adventure-map.200/

Seed: pyramid
This seed showcases several of the new biomes and several of the old ones right next to the spawn  including: Plains, desert, mesa, mesa plateau, birch forest, taiga, jungle, forest, and swamp! It also spawns you right next to a village which has a forge with the following items in the chest: Iron leggings, iron boots, 3 apples, iron pickaxe, 3 bread, 3 iron, and 3 gold!

As soon as MCP is updated I will be adding mod of the week, but for now this is what you get!
Thanks for stopping by guys, this Duncan, signing off. Peace.

Sunday, January 12, 2014


Whats up? This is Duncan reporting to you for some Minecraft news! I created this blog because I love Minecrat as a game AND the community that it creates, so I am going to be trying to post to this blog daily and sharing my love and passion of it. Let's get some things down about me. I have been playing the game since Minecraft was in 1.2.5 at the beginning of 2012, my friend introduced me and as soon as I signed in for the first time I was in love! I am going to be showcasing my favorites (for example: texture packs, seeds, adventure maps, etc.) weekly so make sure to check back! Thank you for joining in on the fun here and I'll see you next time! - Duncan